Coastal Marine Engine Tech

Engine Diagnostics and Electronics Servicing

When unexpected issues arise with your boat engine or electronics, rely on Coastal Marine Engine Tech's certified marine mechanics for prompt and professional service. Whether it's an alarming sound, knocking, or a sudden engine failure, we meet you at your boat, diagnose the problem, and comprehensively advise you about the necessary repairs.

Outboard Motor Repair and Maintenance

Minimize downtime with our top-ranked certified marine mechanics specializing in outboard engine repair, electronics, and maintenance. Coastal Marine Engine Tech is committed to efficiently addressing your boat engine issues, ensuring a swift return to the water.

Our priority is keeping you on the water, and regular maintenance is key. Our maintenance options ensure longevity and optimal performance of your motors for the long haul.

Coastal Marine Engine Tech also offers our expertise through 1-on-1 sessions, helping you understand proper boat engine operation and maintenance.

Join our 100/300 Standard Service Club for helpful tips and reminders for your recommended interval visits.

Coastal Marine Engine Tech Service List

In addition to all the basics in marine outboard engine maintenance and repair, we have a full complement of boat repair services.

Our list includes:

  • Rigging & Repowering
  • Marine Electrical Repair & Electronics Installation
  • Navigation/Radar Installation
  • Hydraulic Steering Service
  • Trim Tab Installation
  • Battery Checks & Installation

We can also coordinate additional services such as custom canvas, upholstery, fiberglass repair, bottom paint, cleaning & detailing services and much more. Just ask.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Are you considering a boat purchase? Coastal Marine Engine Tech provides pre-purchase inspections to assist in your decision-making process, offering valuable insights into the vessel's condition.

Boat Wellness Packages

Coastal Marine Engine Tech

Captain's Package

  • Run Motors
  • Flush Engines
  • Batteries Tested
  • Batteries Charged (if needed)
  • Coastal Marine Engine Tech Safety Inspection
  • Checklist & Report
  • 5% Discount on Parts & Service

Commodore's Package

  • Everything in the Captain's Package PLUS:
  • Check Electronics Systems
  • Check Safety Equipment
  • Holding Tank Maintenance
  • Quarterly Sea Trial (30 min)
  • Quarterly Fuel System Stabilizer
  • Annual Engine Decarbonization
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Repowering May be your best solution

While we like a good challenge, when we encounter older engines, rebuilt engines, missing serial numbers, and those "not sure what the last mechanic was thinking" moments, repairing the motor may not be the most economical solution for our customers. Plus, not every engine will be fixable. It's a tough decision to take on a repair like this. Parts are often obsolete and impossible to find. Corroded electronics and rusted bolts take a lot of time to repair. We will be glad to look at your individual situation and give you an honest opinion of what you can expect to spend so you know your options. If repowering makes more financial sense, we can explain that too. Let's talk.

Custom Boat Maintenance Services

Have unique requirements? We are open to custom requests. Discuss your specific needs with us, and we will work with you to tailor a maintenance solution and schedule.

Have more questions about our services? Reach out to us today.