Top 10 Tips to Be the Best Boat Guest Ever!

People with boats love to have friends go boating with them. It’s a joy to share the love of the water and see others experience the peace, freedom and fun that comes with boating. Here are ten tips to make you one of the friends your boater friends will want to invite again and again:

  1. Commit to a date and time even though you know it all depends on the weather.
  2. Wear white soled shoes or boat shoes or plan to board barefoot.
  3. Wear boat friendly clothes – fast drying, UV protection, nothing sharp to scratch the boat or upholstery.
  4. BYO Stuff – Bring your own hat and sunglasses. For a fishing trip, bring gear and bait. For an island day, bring towels, swim suit, goggles, small/inflatable floats and toys for the kids.
  5. Bring sunscreen. It’s a good idea to apply it before you arrive to avoid getting sunscreen on the deck.
  6. Bring snacks, sandwiches, chips, cookies, water/beverages and a small cooler with ice.
  7. Be part of the crew while on board. Offer to help, but mostly just listen and follow instructions.
  8. Just for fun, learn about tying boat lines. There are great videos online. Search key phrases like: figure 8 cleat hitch knot, clove hitch knot, how to tie a line to a post/piling, how mooring loops work
    • Did you know that boat knots are designed not only to be secure, but also to be untied easily and quickly? So, don’t over-tie it!
    • Bonus: Learn how to do a Flemish coil at the dock or to coil an unattached rope for storage.
  9. Learn a few boating terms. The captain will appreciate you knowing the bow from the stern and port from starboard. Do an online search for “boating terms.” 🙂
  10. Smile. Relax. Enjoy. (And get at least a little excited when you see pelicans, dolphins and an occasional manatee.) Make it a great experience for everyone.

These tips are sure to get you invited back on water with your favorite boating friends. How do we know? Because we’ve had the pleasure of hosting some of the best guests ever!

Got a question about how to be the best boating friend ever? Send your question and we will ask our local experts for more great tips we can share.

This tips are designed to be fun and may not be applicable in all cases. If you spot an inaccuracy or an omission on this page please contact us and we will happily make updates.