Boat Industry Collaboration

Coastal Marine Engine Tech wants to improve the boater experience and contribute to alliances and collaboration in the boating industry.

If you own a small business in the boating industry, let’s talk. We are looking for reputable, quality-driven colleagues for cross marketing, collaborative marketing, one-stop service arrangements. Our ideal collaborators would include boat services, boat captains, charter fishing, boat tours, hull repair, detailing, graphics, canvas, upholstery, boat trailers, fishing equipment, water sports, marinas, restaurants, boat storage, kayak rentals and tours, kite surfing, boat brokers, specialty parts, even other marine tech and repair companies… if you’re in business because people like to be on the water, please give us a shout. We would like to get to know you.

Likewise, if you are a realtor, insurance agent, accountant, lawyer or other professional who serves boat owners and/or owners of small businesses. we have some ideas for you too. Reach out.

Our company has deep experience in marketing, and we believe there is a significant opportunity for all of us to create alliances and potentially collaborate on advertising, cross promotion, shared best practices and more.

In addition, just putting out the dream here, if you are interested in possibly joining us and other complementary businesses for a shared office space, work areas and other resources, let’s discuss your needs. Once we have enough people interested, we will plan a meet and greet to network and talk about the possibilities. Just use our online form, or call us to connect. We look forward making new allies in the industry.