BaNoNo & Other Things Not to Bring Onboard a Boat

People have been boating for more than 10,000 years. A boat ride is magical to some, mysterious to others, and fun for all – even those of us who need a patch to handle the motion. But unless someone has told you, you may not realize there are a few things you never bring onboard a boat. Whether it’s because they are bad luck, they go bad, or they make the captain work too hard to clean up after you later, here are a few things to leave at the dock:

Bananas – Call it superstition, but the fear is real. Bananas have been well documented as a culprit in mishaps throughout naval history, blamed for everything from sinking boats to scaring fish away. Just go with it. Don’t bring a banana on board.

Cheese Puffs – I am not calling out any brand here, but we all love those crunchy cheddar dust covered taste sensations. Unfortunately, when the orange dust settles on the damp white gel coat of the boat, it makes the captain say bad things later. Bring good old potato chips if you need a nostalgic crunch.

Red Wine – There. I said it. It does bleach out pretty easily, but maybe go with bubbly or a boat drink instead. There are many reasons that a boat drink like a dark & stormy or even a margarita would be a better choice. No stains and a little more hydration.

Hold the Mayo – Unless you are sure it’s well refrigerated, mayonnaise could really mess up your day of boating. Mustard and ketchup both stain, but if you use them sparingly you don’t have to eat a dry sandwich.

Anything that Can’t Get Wet – When you’re on the water, splash happens. When you’re a boater, you find yourself attracted to things that say waterproof, quick dry, floats, etc., and oh yeah, UV protection. You get the idea.

We hope these few fun tips will keep you in good stead with the captain on your next boat ride.