About Coastal MET’s CEO

Kim Chomiak owns and operates Coastal Marine Engine Tech. We call the company Coastal MET for short because saying Coastal Marine Engine Tech over and over is a lot. How does someone like Kim end up with a business like Coastal MET? For Kim, it’s the beginning of a bigger dream. She grew up in a beach town where the sun, sand & surf as well as boating and fishing were just part of the lifestyle.

As she began traveling the country and beyond, she became a lighthouse chaser. “I’ve always connected to lighthouses, thinking that if I had been born in that earlier time, I would have definitely been a lighthouse keeper” states Kim. Where there’s a lighthouse, there’s a coastline – and a light beaconing sailors and boaters to eventually come home. It’s kinda spiritual if you think about it.

Kim learned a lot about boating in her “first chapter” – getting tips from an Annapolis area native and Naval Academy graduate as well as from his grandparents who lived on a boat for more than a decade. Boating rules, etiquette and skills were taught with military precision and always being tested. She also learned a few lessons the hard way, so if she gives you advice, you might consider how she came to know that information.

Today, she is so happy to spend her life with another boating enthusiast. Kim shares “Paul is one of the good ones… kind, funny, adventurous… plus he is so talented and knowledgeable. I don’t think it can get any better than having my own personal boat captain, mechanic and doctor onboard.”

It made perfect sense to begin to pursue her lighthouse marina dream. She’s an entrepreneurship visionary, believing for this business to thrive in ways she never imagined with altruistic ambition at the core. Kim is always open to networking and learning about the needs of others in the Space Coast community and beyond. Reach out if you would like to learn more.