Reapply Sunscreen As Directed

We heard the vast majority of you say “are there directions for sunscreen?” Yes. Yes, there are. Please read them and comply or memories of your beautiful day on the water will be replaced by whining about getting a sunburn.

Here are the basics:

Apply it before you go boating. It needs to dry. Plus, oil and lotion on a wet boat deck are a recipe for someone to get hurt. Plus, there’s a little less mess for the captain to clean up later.

You need to reapply. It’s not a magic shield or polytetrafluoroethylene coating. Even if it’s “waterproof” there’s a time limit. It’s basically lotion, and we all know that doesn’t last, hence lotions are considered consumable products.

The sun is still in the sky even if there are clouds. So, yes, you still need sunscreen.

Lotions and oils you can more easily control are preferred to spray versions while on the boat. If you must use a spray, check with the captain for the best place to stand. The captain will check the wind direction and other safety concerns to help you make a good decision when and where to spray.

SPF levels matter. We will leave that to you and your dermatologist, but you probably needs something with a higher SPF than you think.

Also important is the brand of sunscreens. Sunscreens that get in the water (which is all of them even if it’s when the first mate cleans the boat at the end of the day) are not kind to our corals and those who live under the sea. Look for a reef friendly option.

This is not an all inclusive resource on sunscreen. We just want to say we are fans of our boater friends not ruining a good day in the sun with a sunburn.